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BroadBand works with artists and organizations to expand possibilities and create meaningful projects and initiatives.  

Falling Out Of Time Album Cover 6000x600
Osvaldo Golijov

Producing, to my mind, is an art. At its highest level it demands no less imagination, skills, and discipline than creating or performing. Cristin is a true “Producer as Artist”. Over two and a half years, she shepherded “Falling Out of Time”, a large-scale project, from wish into reality. She has the rarest qualities in a producer: fearlessness, the ability to see the unseen, and to bring it to life.  Even more rare, is the combination of that bold grand vision and the attention and care for the countless details. Perhaps, most importantly, she trusts.  And from that trust emerges an uncanny sense of pacing for moving forward a large number of people at the necessary speed over time, so that we all arrive at the realization of the original dream.

— Osvaldo Golijov, composer

Arlekin Players Theatre

When we first approached Sara, Arlekin was a small local theatre company with a great artistic product — today we are forging international partnerships to bring theatre to audiences world-wide. We are truly grateful for her strategic vision and her insight on maximizing our potential with each new opportunity.

— Igor Golyak, Artistic Director


Lori Taylor is the sparkling personification of artist as educator, leader, and community builder. She was the ISEEN (Independent Schools Experiential Education Network)  master arts facilitator for two summers at the Summer Institute. As a master teacher in the arts, she designed and facilitated a group of visual and performing art teachers through three days of experiential education exploration, reflection and revelation. Watching Lori meet each participant where they were, and creatively guide them to a deeper, more authentic understanding of how to make their craft come alive was a wonder. Her professionalism and vision, coupled with enthusiasm and vulnerability, truly inspired the entire group. Lori left us all asking better questions rather than thinking we already possessed the right answers.  That's a gift.

— Charlie Noyes, Artist, Educator, and Board Chair

chi-web-logo copy.png

Sara is my go-to person for producing events, creative projects, and strategic communications.  As an ED, I need team members who are flexible, inventive, bring great ideas to the table, and solve problems. I have been impressed by Sara's leadership in designing and running national conferences, producing virtual fundraising events, overseeing the creation of stellar digital content, and her project management of complex projects. When I have the opportunity to put together my dream team, Sara is at the top of my list. 

— Anuja Khemka, Executive Director

In A Circle Records

I've had the immense pleasure of working with Cristin for almost 20 years, first as general manager of the cellist Yo-Yo Ma, then as an artistic advisor and project manager for Silkroad, and finally as a consultant for my record label, In a Circle Records. Cristin is unlike anyone I've ever met. Beneath her quiet demeanor lies a superior intellect, voracious curiosity, an unparalleled capacity for recognizing and understanding many (often conflicting) realities, and the ability to solve seemingly unsolvable puzzles. What's more, she does it all with ease, humor and grace.

— Johnny Gandelsman, Founder

Lori Taylor has served on The Sofia Center Advisory Board since its inception over 10 years ago.  Her superpowers as an educator, administrator, and designer of transformational experiences are unsurpassed. She possesses a rare combination of powerful intellect and curiosity coupled with creative genius. I am especially grateful for her strategic guidance. Her ability to listen carefully, reframe a problem, and suggest a few strategies helped Sofia Center to realize its mission. Lori relishes problem solving, and is especially deft at identifying one or two actions that make a significant difference quickly. Working with her in this capacity is not only energizing and productive, it swings doors wide open for transformation. 

— Sheryl Chard, Founder and Executive Director

ArtWorks South Africa

For many years I had been developing an idea for a non-profit organization that would support talented young artists living in the townships of Cape Town. Sara was just the right person to help me turn this dream into a reality. Both a creative force and a strategic thinker, Sara helped me refine my vision and turn it into actionable plans.  More than that, Sara has a true heart for our young people and believes in our work. I am grateful to have her as a trusted advisor and collaborator.

—Asanda Kupe, Founder & Director

MusiCorps logo color.jpg

Formed in response to the crisis of returning service members injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, MusiCorps is a conservatory-level music rehabilitation program that helps wounded warriors play music and recover their lives.  Founded at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, MusiCorps is currently expanding to San Diego.

Samantha Broun

Lori Taylor is magic. I’ve worked with Lori in three different organizations over the last 20 years. Lori has the ability to think big like the best visionary leaders. She imagines possibilities – in humans, organizations, and communities – where others do not. More importantly, she possesses the practical skills to manifest possibility into reality. Where others see obstacles, she sees opportunities for forging connections through problem solving together. This is often due to her ability to seek out, listen, and synthesize a variety of voices. She asks great questions. She engenders trust. Lori is fundamentally a people person and her ability to collaborate with people across all sectors is profoundly inspiring. 

— Samantha Broun, Nieman Fellow 2021 Harvard University


I've worked in the Arts from so many angles… from the inside, as a musician and visual artist myself, and also as a graphic artist supporting theater companies, musicians, and (mostly indie) labels. I worked for many years with Lori and Sara, and have crazy respect for whatever they may cook up… and importantly (and rarely for me), the trust that they can accomplish all the creative ideas they put in motion. I am always awed. With the triumvirate of Lori, Sara, and Cristin, BroadBand became even more of a draw for me, and I am looking forward to all the future projects!

— Sandra Cohen

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